Red Hour Wolfpack

Back in late 2005 I spearheaded a collaborative online gaming effort in the group I was in at that time, Red Hour, using UbiSoft’s Silent Hunter III naval combat game. Several of us would get together on a weekly base to sail against escorted convoys while we used Ventrilo voice communications to coordinate tactics.

Although we each picked out a U-Boat number from real life (with mine being U-181, a Type IXD2 vessel of the Kriegsmarine), we actually sailed each patrol with the realistically available vessel during that time period. So the Flotilla got underway back in September 1939 in VIIC’s for the most part with a few members going Burger King on us by choosing IXB’s.

Most nights there were five Red Hour members on patrol, and when it was all said and done the Wolfpack sank a total of 207 ships for a total tonnage count of 963,129 (it would have been nice to go a few more patrols to break the 1 million ton mark). There were 24 warships sunk for 40,861 tons and 182 merchants sunk for 922,268 tons.

I know these stats because I was really into it back then and tracked all of the kills in an Excel spreadsheet. We doled out virtual awards, with my bagging the Golden Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords, and Diamonds for sinking over 300,000 tons. When I finally scuttled the 181, I sent a total of 83 vessels for 430,032 tons to the bottom.

It was a lot of fun while it lasted and to this day is probably the most rewarding effort in terms of employing tactics (having one sub bait a destroyer into a mutual field of fire ambush of two other subs while the remaining two rain hell down on the convoy, etc.) in any video game I have played online with other human beings working together as part of a team.

The motto was:

“Fish in the water bitch!”

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