Special Operations Combat would like to welcome Capt. Crunch as our staff Weapons Advisor. His first article concerns the Heckler & Koch MP5A4 submachine gun.

Description: The MP5A4 or Maschinenpistole 5 Ause 4. It was first designed by Heckler and Koch during the late 1960's. It features a roller-locked delayed blowback system of operation and has similar components of the HK rifles. Because of its system of operation it fires from a closed bolt and thus is a good deal more accurate than the average sub-machine gun. The MP5A4 features a fixed furniture stock and semi-automatic, 3-round burst, and full-automatic modes of fire. It is a very reliable weapon that is used around the world, primarily in special operations groups and police forces. Today it is one of the most recognized and widely used sub-machine gun in the world.
Technical specs: Caliber- 9mm.x 19mm - Length- 26.77 in. - Weigh unloaded- 5lbs. 6oz. - Cyclic rate- 800rds/min. - Muzzle velocity- 1321ft/sec.

Summary: The MP5 is for the tactical close quarters operator. The ideal use for the MP5 would be close quarters with a good possibility of medium range. It is very stable when firing, even on full auto and is very maneuverable and versatile. I myself have a MP5 Navy and it performs extremely well in many situations. I would not recommend using the MP5A4 on semi-auto due to its low penetration capabilities. You can use it on 3-rd burst and because of its low recoil, the shots will land as if you fired three individual shots, even at longer ranges. And using 3-rd burst in CQB is not such a bad idea either. That slight pause between bursts is just enough to keep you on target, especially if you are moving and shooting at the same time. Or just train yourself to fire 2-4 shot bursts on full auto. If you don't have a mini-scope and are not planning to engage at medium range, use hallow point (JHP) rounds to make up for its lower power; unless going up against heavily armored opponents, or you plan to "semi-snipe" as I call it; then use FMJ rounds. In conclusion, the MP5A4 could be your best friend or your worst enemy, and can adapt to almost any situation.

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