Counter-Strike: Source

Counter-Strike: Source is a new game for me personally as I have never played any previous version of CS. Primarily from the Rainbow Six crowd, the CS game was pretty much despised for various reasons, not the least of which is the infamous "bunny hop". Highly skeptical of this release with HL2, I went into it with some reservations.

Right off the bat there is a glaring mistake made with the M4 rifle. This is the same mistake made with the rifle in Battlefield Vietnam - the ejection port is on the wrong side of the weapon. The M4 weapon has the ejection port on the right side of the weapon. Those users who are left handed or left-eyed dominant (like me) have to use an ejector plate that snaps into the handle assembly which deflects the spent casing away from your face. I have fired an M16A1 in the military and I can tell you as a "lefty" those casings can burn if they touch exposed skin.

An interesting thing to note about the artwork for this game. It features two US Navy SEALS with the correct M4 - the ejection port is on the right side of the weapon (first screen shot below) in both characters. In the second screen shot below, the in game M4 has it on the left - the wrong - side.

OK, enough of that. Overall the game is quite enjoyable to play. It is fast paced, and the character models look more like CT forces than does Raven Shield. Also you are playing CT versus Terrorists, where in RVS you are playing MP as CT versus CT. The buy model in CSS is totally unrealistic as you don't buy weapons during the fight, however I can see where it has some subtle game play advantages.

Everything in FPS gaming is a struggle between realism and game play. CSS makes no statement of being an authentic realistic CT shooter. It is what it is, and as such I find it extremely enjoyable to play.

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