Section Leaders Appointed

Update: SOC would like to welcome two new Section Leaders to our site. Steel Sabre will head up the Raven Shield section, and guffey will head up the America's Army section. Anyone who has questions or concerns regarding these two areas within SOC should direct their inquiries to these members first as they are the leads for providing updated information and moderating the forums for each game.

Update 11/08/04: JerodKross is appointed the Section Leader for the Battlefield area. All inquiries/updates regarding 1942, Desert Combat, Vietnam, WWII and BF2 should be directed to the Kross.

Update 11/10/04: Smittyusa04 is appointed the Section Leader for Full Spectrum Warrior and Operation Flashpoint. You know the drill - all Q's concerning these titles should be directed to Smitty.

Welcome aboard!!

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