Company of Heroes - Beaux Lowlands - Victory

In the continuation of my Americans vs. Germans 1V1 Skirmish effort, today's episode saw Able Company face off against the Wehrmacht at Beaux Lowlands, a dingy little quagmire with a bridge in the middle of the map that was of absolutely no tactical value.

The center of the map is cut in two by a river running across, with the bridge essentially in the middle which could have staged a significant back-and-forth battle for the crossing had the map designer not made almost all of the water passable by armor and infantry.

I approached this map with the standard assault strategy - cut the enemy off from the majority of their resource points while I churn out M10 Wolverines one after the other. This worked fairly well until late game when the Wehrmacht started cranking out off-map armor units.

This really put me in a box as my M10's that were almost done destroying their base were pounded into submission while a violent exchange ensued in their camp with armor and anti-tank units. I had to destroy their HQ three times and then essentially bug out to win the match.

I dropped an AT gun by parachute on the road north of the bridge to take out a medical bunker which gave me the win. It was a close call considering that I was being overwhelmed in their base trying to keep the HQ destroyed with all of the off-map units spawning right there.
Other thoughts: In my myopic quest to bring down their base, I generally lose focus on the larger picture at hand – namely Pioneer units running around and cutting off my supply lines by attacking the weakest link (usually one without a Command Post set up).

This cripples me as I lose fuel and cannot have the resources to crank out more armor units to stave off a concentrated attack. If there had been one or two Pak AT guns on the map guarding the approach to their base then I may not have been able to recover at the end.

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