Deadliest Catch: Alaskan Storm Notes

After playing through several seasons, there are some things of note: The season - King or Opie - never seems to last more than 4-5 days. After you hit 100 hours, expect the season ending in 24 hours notification to be right around the corner. It seems the game will fine you for fishing out of season if you have pots in the water not yet pulled when the season ends. I have not yet pulled into harbor after the season ended but with no pots in the water when it ended, so I hope the game doesn't fuck you there.

But given the fines, you might as well pull the pots anyway and be paid for the catch because you are going to be fined. My biggest season was when I was hauling pots (dropped before season end) after season end and had a huge take. In port upgrades offers advanced survival suits and a life raft. I never bought them, but I did have a fire onboard the Polar Bear, and although the game showed each crewmember with a survival suit icon, and there was a covered orange life raft in the water, and I got the Sig Hansen pop-up video saying it was my decision when to abandon ship, click as I may, there was no option I could find to tell the crew to fight the fire, abandon ship, or anything else.

I could ask them how they were doing and they would respond couldn't be better apparently at the same time they were melting to the deck plates under the intense heat. I am not sure if buying fire equipment would have helped or not. It almost seems like an unfinished part of the game, and there are no instructions on what to do. I will add more to this as I play more. I thought that although it was neat that I couldn't hire anyone in harbor other than the scum of the earth, it was stupid as there were no survivors and I should have perished to - regardless if the insurance company replaced my boat.

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