Funtime Amusements

1401 Gower Street: Having failed this first mission of my officer career on elite mode the first time out, I took a different approach this time. I equipped the entire team with the Pacifier load out modified to bring along Optiwands and two door wedges. I also selected the side 4 level 2 entrances as well to allow for quick access to the bathroom hallway.

Gold element entered the hallway and was engaged by suspects at the top of the stairs, who were immediately pepper-balled into submission by the lead element. I came in behind to assist, but a doorway further down the hall on our level popped open and a crack head made a beeline for the bathroom.

I quickly gave him a mouthful of CS to which he instantly gagged and dropped a bag of dope on the floor in plain sight. I quickly picked this up as securing the dope has been a thorny issue in running this mission. I left Red and Blue elements in the hallway on opposite ends to cover just in case some other meth baby tried to make a run for it.

Moving through the lower level, I ran into a hornets nest on the flip side of the wall where the stairs are when the door opened and I was immediately engaged by a suspect. I responded with CS to marginalize his effort and brought up Red element to make entry and settle the situation.

After continuing to sweep through the bottom floor, arresting suspects, securing evidence and putting down the occasional uncooperative civilian with controlled burst of electricity, I moved Gold element upstairs where we cleared the room with the pool tables and set up on the bathroom door.

Once I used the wand, I gave the order for a full element open and clear. As soon as the door opened, the lead officer took a round and went down. I finished the mission and had one piece of missing evidence I could not find.

Much to my surprise, I had that plus the incapacitated officer and one injured officer yet I passed the mission with a rating of 97. I would like to find some resource that details how the single-player career scoring is computed to make sense of that.

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  1. This campaign was abandoned due to the files being lost during a system upgrade: I intend to re-launch this campaign in the future with short consolidated posts to cover those missions already blogged about, and to pick up where I left off with full blog installments.


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