Norisring Racing Series, Event Eight

Nuremberg, Germany: Having wrapped up the Championship mathematically in the previous event, I had nothing on the line going into the final races of the series. Although I had 44lbs more penalty ballast than any other racer, I had an insurmountable lead of 30 points.

For the first time in this eight event series consisting of a total of sixteen races, there was wet weather to be had which had a discernible effect on the handling of the vehicles. My qualifying time (always dead last) would suffer as a result, posting a time of 0:49.512, 00:02.036 off of the pole sitter.

Charging the racing line at the Grundig Kehre (turn two) on the opening lap of both races did advance my position somewhat, but ultimately the weather and my indifferent approach to the final event resulted in poor non-points finishes of 12th and 13th place. In the second event I had my first real damage of the series but stayed on the track until lap ten before pitting for tires and repairs.

In race one, I would finish 0:26.289 back from race winner Luca Persiani, and in race two I would finish 0:49.664 back from race winner Michele Merendino. The first race would end with two DNF's where the second race would end with three. The series ended with my having 80 Championship Points to runner-up Luca Persiani, 23 points behind.

These eight week racing series at a single track have been fun in both the Radical SR3 205BHP and the Lola BT2/50. However I am not sure where I want to go from here. There are a couple of expansion packs out there I am interested in, namely STCC The Game 2 which features among other vehicles the Chevrolet Camaro, however this is also featured in a new release called RACE: Injection, which seems to be a compilation of all of the available expansion packs and the core game for $29.99.

Other thoughts: After pitting for tires and repairs in race two, I was lapped by the leader and when exiting the pits I was blasted with multiple Blue Flag warnings to move over. They only abated once I literally moved off of the track and let everyone pass me before getting back on and finishing the dismal affair as it were.

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