North America vs. South America

For this battle I selected North America (of course) to go up against South America (two distinct land masses – Mexico at my doorstep and South America proper) who surprisingly had the same exact weapons that I did (funny how that always seems to work out in DEFCON: Dinner is Served).

The first order of business was to select my primary, secondary and tertiary targets. This is made easy by the people toggle in game to highlight those cities that have the densest population mass. After all the name of the game in global thermonuclear whoop-ass is to kill more of them then they do of you.

The primary targets selected were: Sao Paolo (19 million souls), Mexico City (16.5 million souls), Lima (9.3 you get it) and Santiago (7.6). There were no secondary or tertiary targets selected at the outset because my intent is to identify the enemy installations and overwhelm to allow as many silo salvos to get through the air defense net as possible.

The name of the game in DEFCON is saturation. While it may take three direct hits on a silo to take it out, if all you throw at that region is ten nukes and nothing else, chances are only one will get through to score a hit which would only partially reduce that silos nuclear stockpile. And if the enemy AI has set complementary radar and air defense coverage, there is a chance all ten nukes sent their way will be shot down.

The fleet that I sent south off the coast of Sao Paolo was soundly defeated (although the submarines got through). Before the aircraft carriers were sent to the bottom, the fighter sweeps located a radar installation and a missile silo situated around Belem. This apparently was the only local defense that the AI provided the most populated city in their hemisphere.

I fired off a couple of salvos to remove the radar and then the silo, which doomed Sao Paolo to four consecutive missile strikes slashing the 19 million citizens in the following chunks: 9.5, 4.8, 2.4 and 1.2 million people killed on the last strike.

The final tally was pure genocide on a Megadeth scale: 69.8 million citizens killed to a loss of only .4 million of my taxpaying to kills and 1.3 million to the after affects.

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