Ring Knutstorp

Kågeröd, Sweden: Round two of the nine event Swedish Touring Car Championship got underway with the Hartmann Honda Racing Accord R qualifying in fifth position on the grid with a time of 01:07.234.

The first race was an enjoyable event with some close racing through the initial sequence of turns, resulting in the Work Zone Honda leaping into first place on lap two and never relinquishing it. The 110lb penalty ballast for winning the first round did not seem to affect me too much as I finished the first race with a time of 0:05:43.316 and 10 Championship Points.

The second race started with my vehicle at the back of the field, which is where it probably should have stayed. This was an absolutely dreadful affair with my causing two incidents, each having been ramming a car and knocking it off the track at the first turn. This miserable endeavor saw me finish in fifth place with a time of 0:05.369 and four Championship Points.

Overall I finished with 14 points which was enough to win the round and retain my hold on first place in the Championship. The penalty ballast assigned for the next race increased to 125lbs.

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