I have updated the template for the blog to change the background and same other colors to match the frame set that I had designed for the topic photos, and I like the more subdued look that it brings (compared to the default glaring white background that came with the Dynamic templates).

Earlier this week I started a free trial of Spotify and right now I am listening to "Seasons in the Abyss" from Slayer, one of the most influential metal bands on the face of the planet. With the 30 day trial I am on I may decide to keep this but the jury is still out considering it is $10 a month.

I have been gaming pretty hard on AGEOD's "Birth of America" (the original game) and I for the life of me cannot seem to defeat one of the earliest scenarios out there, "Carolina 1776" playing as the British. Earlier this evening I discovered that Matrix has just released "Napoleon's Campaigns" from AGEOD based on the same engine. Not sure where these games have been, but they had not been on my radar.

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