Company of Heroes

I bought this game when it first came out back in 2006. I remember how much fun it was to download gigabytes of patches just to keep the game up to date. Two expansion packs came out that I never picked up, although I found them here and there marked down, always wanting to complete the original game first however.

This is a staple of my approach to video gaming: I purchase a game, get hooked on it and then move into creating user made content for it or joining multiplayer groups that play the game to death until every is burned out on it and moves on. For my part, I rarely go back to work on a single player campaign (SPC) and that is much to my own loss.

With the help of some walkthrough pointers, today I decided to take a crack at the game with an eye on completing the SPC. This is crucial to point out that now, since the bankruptcy of THQ and the sale of Relic to SEGA, the servers in game are no longer available. This makes playing a bot stomp against the AI only impossible as the game asks you to load the disk.

Thankfully I also bought the game a second time on Steam during a sale in which I picked up the full game and two expansion packs. Since the Relic servers went down, Steam released an updated version that allows people to play the game online through their servers using their Steam identity. I have yet to download this update (a massive 9 GB’s of data), so I am chipping away at the core game.

Today I was able to complete the Omaha Beach mission (not sure of the difficulty setting I set though), scoring all of the objectives to obtain the awards badge. The trick is to clear the left side of the beach, destroy the bunkers and then take out the remaining 88’s. The game rests on securing the first and closest 88 to accomplish the remaining tasks.

Omaha Beach



Yay me!

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