Battle from the Bugle Scenario Maker

It has been quite a while since I have tinkered around with scenarios, maps or establishment files for this game, so while fighting a severe bout of insomnia I decided to jump back in a bit and take some baby steps by using existing maps and force lists. This particular scenario is a build 4 and is playable to end with all of the normal bells and whistles.

The scenarios description is: September 17th 1944, 00:00 hours, 10 km west of Arnhem. Fictional scenario: 1 SS Panzer Division "LAH" vs. 2 Armored Division. The Germans are holding key roadway positions at Reehorst, Bennekom and Wageningen and are expecting reinforcements from the northwest. The Americans arrive on scene from the southeast and are to assault the Axis positions.

The force lists chosen are the aforementioned 1st SS Panzer Division and the 2nd Armored Division. The current build has the following basic features: Victory Conditions, Reinforcements, Briefings and Air Availability. From past experience with the Scenario Maker application, I have a preference of placing the units on the battlefield via the Reinforcements dialog.

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