Quality vs. Quantity

This evening I had been working on a scenario in Unity of Command (Red Turn) in “The Road to Berlin 1943-1945” set called “Berlin Offensive” (Soviet, hard), a six turn buzz saw based in April 1945. It struck me how entire Red Army infantry divisions simply disappeared when going up against fortified German forces, specifically Festung Berlin (SS infantry) and the Cottbus Garrison (German infantry).

The shear number of Soviet soldiers that died fighting against the fanatical last stand of the Wehrmacht in that virtual battle got me thinking about my blog (strangely enough) and how it has developed (or regressed, take your pick) over the years in terms of content and specifically the quality of the posts that are made month after month.

There is a great amount of fluff on this site that does not measure up to certain standards in my opinion. While the site is a “catch all” for the various gaming that I do and care to write about, the truth is very few people ever read any of the Race 07 posts (for example). For the longest time, the most popular post on the site was a one-off sampling of Test Drive Unlimited 2, something I did not want representing what I felt the site should be (and a post that was ultimately reverted to a draft).

Over the course of the next several weeks I am going to be doing a self-audit of sorts to clean up some recent posts and bring them up to a standard that I feel can stand the test of time. While this will most likely mean a drop in the number of posts, it hopefully will directly translate into better quality content: something worth reading and sharing across the web.

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