Force List Progress

Work began this morning creating battle specific force lists for the United States Marines, focusing first on V Marine Amphibious Corps HQ, the 2nd Marine Division and in particular the 6th and 8th Marine Infantry Regiments that landed on Green and Red Beaches on D Day June 15th, 1944. These forces came ashore to the north of Afetna Point and the 23rd and 28th regiments landing further south.

Fortunately a great deal of the ground work for the Marines (1944 version) had already been accomplished when I created the I Marine Amphibious Corps HQ previously (which serves as the backbone of the current Marine Corps 2.0 mod). Additional work needs to be done as some of the sources I have referenced seem to have minor conflicts in data.

The current build of this force list contains the corps headquarters and base units, the divisional headquarters and base units (along with supporting 2nd Tank Battalion, 2nd Reconnaissance Company, three companies of naval engineers as well as the 10th Marine Regiment (artillery). Frontline combat troops consist of the 6th and 8th Marine Infantry Regiments.

Credit to HyperWar for the Saipan map image available here.

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