Company of Heroes 2

The full game is currently available for free this weekend on Steam. I have the game in my wish list and it is currently marked down to $13.59 (66% off). The game was developed through a fractured process, going through the THQ bankruptcy in December 2012. The Relic Entertainment division was carved out and sold to Sega as part of the court ordered auction of assets.

Truth be told I never completed the original COH game, although I still play it from time to time and do some AI bot stomp scenarios for quick and dirty blog filler material. I do have a desire to ultimately complete that game as it was well designed and challenging to a degree. After playing through the first single player mission as the Soviets during the Battle of Stalingrad, I cannot say the same here.

That first mission plays similar to the first mission in the original game (the D-Day landings on Omaha Beach). In this game, the Soviets are unloading troops from the ferries on the Volga River and the player must zerg rush them forward to take out a phalanx of MG nests, heavy artillery pieces and Panzers. For some reason it just felt like the whole process lacked the soul of the first game/mission.

I am glad Steam has this on a free play weekend, because this has helped me to not make the mistake of buying the base game (all the bells and whistles content has to be purchased separately as add on packs, a terrible business decision for the COH legacy to end on). From this very brief introduction to COH 2 I can firmly say that if I ever do pick it up, it will be down the road when the whole package is marked down to $4.99.

A lot of work has gone into this game (it is easy to tell), but it just does not come off as anything remotely deserving the COH label.

Mission failed is more like it.


  1. Hi Tim. Thanks for posting this! I had no idea about the free to play weekend and if I had encountered COH2 at this reduced price I might have bought it before playtesting. I probably spent about a year playing COH after my re-entry into gaming and I loved the original release (I got it for about $4 on sale if i remember correctly).

  2. I will give the developer credit for including a post un-install Survey Monkey survey for the game.

  3. I'm too much of a purist to come anywhere close to CoH. "Light body armor"? 1942?


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