Company of Heroes - Angoville Victory

I played the Americans vs. the Germans on this 2 player map and went in with an obvious strategy of denying the enemy the resources they needed to fight the war effort. I did succeed in that, but at the same time the enemy was able to collect enough fuel to crank out at least two StuG IV assault guns that I saw in their base at the very end of the skirmish.

I tend to prefer either the Infantry Company or the Airborne Company and this time I went with the paratroopers. I have little patience to wait for the Armor Company to come up to speed late game, as I am usually dead by that point having selected them in the first place. My tried and true approach with the Airborne Company is to obtain enough Command Points to fly a recon mission, and then drop in a Ranger squad and two AT guns to wreak havoc on their base.

My primary goal was to reach the two +16 fuel points on the left and right sides of the map that essentially sit on a centerline straight across the middle of the map (first come, first serve). I immediately put my starting Engineer squad to work building a barracks so I could field some Jeeps to get out and cover those objectives. Once on site, I followed up with infantry squads to provide mutual fire support, as well as to take the points with the Jeeps on over-watch.

Later on when things started to get a bit hairy with the all of the Volksgrenadiers squads assaulting my infantry troops with their walkers and wheelchairs, I rolled out and beefed up some M8 Greyhounds and had them upgraded with the perks. These little workhorses shredded some infantry and proved well worth their cost. I did lose one when I moved it too close to the German base and it was taken out quickly by a Pak38.

At the end I ran another half-damaged Greyhound up into their base and to the side of the HQ, where it managed to live almost to the end providing cover fire for the Ranger unit and three AT guns I dropped behind the main building. I always take the command post out first, and then concentrate on any operational building that could produce units before going for the bunkers. It was at this point that the enemy rolled in two StuG IV's much to my surprise because I had not even seen them on the map yet up to that point.

Once I took out their last observation post just outside of the base for the last building destroyed, I won the skirmish 21,035 to 16,199.

Recovered on 1/4/14 from Windows XP hard drive.

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