Madden 08 Berlin Thunder Season 1

Today I started a new league franchise in Madden 08, the last official NFL game to see the light of day on PC, thanks to the unholy alliance between the NFL and EA Sports. I have owned and played the console games and they suck in comparison to what can be accomplished on a PC platform. It has been over 6 ½ years since PC gamers have been given a new game since the release of Madden 08 on 8/14/2007.

This effort will utilize the OzWolf’s Madden Tools & Utilities application to mod a game roster into creating a new league. While I have spent untold hours over the years creating my own custom teams to bring into the league, this time I am just going to replace several NFL disappointments with NFL Europe Teams, which will be based out of Los Angeles, CA for reporting purposes but play in their overseas venues.

The teams dropped and added are:

Cincinnati Bengals replaced by the Amsterdam Admirals
Minnesota Vikings replaced by the Cologne Centurions
Buffalo Bills replaced by the Rhein Fire
Seattle Seahawks replaced by the Frankfurt Galaxy
Detroit Lions replaced by the Berlin Thunder (my franchise)

This is the NFC configuration.

This is the AFC Configuration.

This is my franchise profile.

The offensive playbook for the Denver Broncos is perhaps one of the best core playbooks in the entire game. For the defensive playbook, I would have preferred the Balanced D version but it was not available as a selection.

Madden 08 Berlin Thunder Season 1


The first three games above were played on my Windows XP machine before it was retired. Any games below are played on my Windows 7 machine after migrating the necessary franchise, roster and save files.

Record: 4-0

Preseason End Maintenance

Team Captains Named: # 8 John Kitna, QB, # 92 Shaun Rogers, DT and # 4 Jason Hanson, K.

Regular Season


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