Ghost Recon (Original) Iron Dragon

Tbilisi, Georgia April 16, 2008 05:45: Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group, the “Ghosts” are deployed to the South Ossetian Autonomous Region to assist the government of Georgia in dealing with rebel forces operating on their border with Russia. Washington feels that the hostile engagement by the Ossetia forces is a proxy war being conducted from Moscow, if for no other reason than an excuse to step in as “peacekeepers” and annex the whole area.

In an effort to cut the head off of the beast and their puppet rebel force, the Ghosts are tasked to raid a base of operations in the Caucasus Mountains and capture a rebel leader by the name of Bakur Papashvili who has been spearheading attacks against army convoys across the Terek River. The primary objective of this mission is to capture Papashvili (although that is listed as a “X” objective: failing to capture the rebel leader will result in mission failure).

The first objective to “Neutralize Tent Camp Troops” can actually be accomplished by attacking the “Secure the Caves “ objective and hanging around long enough for the reinforcements from the tent camp to investigate the disturbance. Placing your troops in mutually supporting fire zones will quickly eliminate the enemy units coming to aid the rebel leader.

The third objective to “Return to Insertion Zone” can actually be accomplished along that return leg by maintaining a decent stand-off distance and using the marksman to eliminate identified targets. As soon as the last enemy is eliminated, the objective ticks off as completed regardless of where you are on the map.

After-action Report

Post Mortem

At the end of the mission when the AAR came up I was horrified to see myself identified as “defPlayr” as I am usually good at setting up profiles before beginning any game campaign that I intend to blog about. This has been corrected and future AAR’s in this series should appropriately reflect “RangerX3X”.

I had previously started this campaign and blog series on my Windows XP machine but the profile became lost in translation when moving applications over to Windows 7, so I am starting this campaign anew.


  1. I loved the original. Played it for countless hours.

  2. This campaign was abandoned due to the files becoming corrupted requiring a complete reinstallation of the core game and DLC: I intend to re-launch this campaign in the future with short consolidated posts to cover those missions already blogged about, and to pick up where I left off with full blog installments.


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