Hearts of Iron III Fall Blau

Today I will be playing the Fall Blau (Case Blue) standalone scenario in the grand strategy epic title Hearts of Iron III by Paradox Development Studio. The settings chosen for this effort are normal difficulty and normal game mode. The selections for diplomacy, production, technology, politics and intelligence are actually irrelevant as the scenario designer disabled them.

The Axis Victory Conditions are to capture Baki, Rostov and Sevastopol. The Allies Victory Conditions are to hold Stalingrad, Rostov and Sevastopol until 12/1/1942. The variation between an Axis Baki and Allies Stalingrad objective are problematic in that the Germans cannot reach Baki by scenario end, even with the legendary Blitz tactics enabled (it is literally a province too far).

This means that the Soviets can sit on Stalingrad, and if not a focal point of the Axis attack they can rest assured that they will collect the VP there which will greatly contribute to a win for them (the AI as I am playing as the Axis in this scenario). Because the Axis cannot reach Baki in time, they are virtually guaranteed to lose the scenario in at least one of the two end game after-action reports.

The Axis forces consist of OKH von Weichs with Heeresgruppe A &B, Armata Romana, Gruparea Aeriana and Luftflotte 4. The Allies forces consist of STAVKA Shaposhnikov with the Southwest Front, the South Front, the Transcaucasus Front, the Costal Army and the 47ya Armija. Spell check that!

It appeared as if I had the option to deselect the offending Baki objective.

No dice – it put it right back in the Victory Conditions list.

The first objective assigned to OKH von Weichs: Sevastopol.

The second objective: Rostov na Don.

While Majkop is not on the Victory Conditions list, it offers up 2 points.

Further southeast (but not as far as Baki) are Bat’uni, T’bilisi and Groznyj (2 VP each).

Voronez is worth 2 VP as well and is added to the list, although it should fall as part of the movement east without issue.

The Mother of All Objectives: Stalingrad and its 10 Victory Points are an integral part in achieving some sort of victory at the end. Although it is not one of my objectives as the Germans (blame the scenario designer), it is for my enemy and I will do everything I can to deny it to them.

Battle of the Month – June 1942

The Axis lost 2,556 troops and the Allies lost 1,603 in the Battle of Sevastopol. The bleed through in the image is the result of stacked battle result messages and their semi-transparent backgrounds.

Rostov na Don and Sevastopol fall in the first three weeks of combat.

Partisan uprisings would occur throughout the scenario wreaking havoc on the German advance.

Another example of the sketchy battle resolution in this game: 26,809 soldiers fight it out with zero KIA. Bullshit I say!!

Battle of the Month – July 1942

The Axis lost 130 troops and the Allies lost 468 in the Battle of Grjazi.

Stalingrad is only three provinces away from the nearest German unit.

Battle of the Month – August 1942

The Axis lost 15 troops and the Partisans lost 398 in the Battle of Bohuslav (the first major engagement against the irregulars).

Stalingrad has fallen and is in control of the German forces.

Battle of the Month – September 1942

Three battles occurred during the month, and all resulted in zero KIA for both sides. Bullshit I say!!

To be perfectly honest, it is disgustingly offensive to the men, women and children who died in the Battle of Stalingrad (captured during the previous month) that this game would simulate such unrealistic combat resolution.

Kicking ass and taking names.

Battle of the Month – October 1942

The Axis lost 5 troops and the Allies lost 22 in the Battle of Oni.

The Soviets are pushing back in isolated sectors, but the overall picture is basically the same.

Battle of the Month – November 1942

The Axis lost 17 troops and the Allies lost 5 in the Battle of Groznyj.

There are some additional province gains by the Red Army, but all is well for the Germans.

The final situation on the battlefield: during the month of December, there were a total of 12 battles that resulted in zero total KIA for both sides. Bullshit I say!!

Disaster? I think not: I took two of my objectives and Stalingrad as well. This is the improbable Baki objective rearing its ugly head (poor scenario design in my honest opinion).

This is more like it – a German Operational Victory with a final score of 37-11.

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