Soviet Union National Focus

The following list after the page break is the current National Focus path that I am using for the Soviet Union with Joseph Stalin as the leader. While the all important Desperate Measures focus is chosen immediately after the start of Operation Barbarossa, it is because significant battlefield preparations have been ongoing for some time and other focuses were required to be done in a certain order to hit historical dates as closely as possible. The following list is a work in progress as this game is ever evolving however, it has successfully gotten me the beginning of the war with Germany.

National Focus (through 10/1/1941)

Heavy Industry
Infrastructure Effort
Found the PCDI
The Path of Marxism/ Leninism
The Centre
The Stalin Constitution
The Zinovyevite Terrorist Center
Socialism in One Country
Secure the Administration
Addressing Internal Affairs
Expand the Agitprop
The Anti- Soviet Trotskyist Center
The Collectivization Process
The Workers' Dictatorship
Centralization and Discipline
The Military Conspiracy
Strengthen the Mobilization Plan
PC of Mechanical Engineering
Military Engineering University
Behead the Snake
The Bloc of Rights and Trotskyites
The Means to Wage War
Leningrad Polytechnical Institute
Finish the Five Year Plan
Foreign Experts
The Comintern
Baltic Secuity
Claims in the Baltic
Secure Leningrad
Eastern Development
Develop the Urals
The USSR Academy of Sciences
Claim on Bessarabia
Third Five Year Plan
Reorganize the PC of Heavy Industry
Steel Casting Industry
Synthetic Rubber
Industrial Modernization
Oil Production
Middle East Diplomacy
Support Afghan Communism
Preemptive Invasion of Iran
Desperate Measures

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