Highway to the Reich Nijmegen Meeting Engagement

Nijmegen, Netherlands: This scenario pits the Allies 8th Armoured Brigade against the Axis 107th Panzer Brigade (Reinforced). On paper this is a fairly even scenario and the units are prepositioned by the mission designer to effectively reach the primary objective area at approximately the same time.

The Allied force consists of 2,702 men, 341 armored fighting vehicles and 36 gun units providing an Anti-Personal firepower rating of 1,450, an Anti-Armor rating of 1,695, an Armor rating of 1,496 and a Bombardment rating of 135. During the battle I would have several airstrikes at my disposal as well.

There are four objectives to the mission: The Road Bridge for 60 Victory Points upon completion, the Rail Bridge for 30 Victory Points upon completion, St. Anna for 30 Victory Points upon completion and destroy the enemy for 50 Victory Points.

D1 12:01: My initial orders are as follows:

  • 4/7 Royal Dragoon Guards are to form-up at the N326 just above the Sports Park and attack the left flank of the Road Bridge objective.
  • 13/18 Hussars are to use the same forming-up point and attack the right flank of the same objective.
  • Nottingham Hampshire Yeomanry, using the same FUP will pivot east and attack the St. Anna objective.
  • HQ section of the 8th Armored Brigade to defend just outside of Hees.
  • 147th Field Artillery Regiment (24 25-pounder guns) to establish a firebase NE of Alverna.

D1 15:00: All elements ordered to cross the bridges at Honinghutje have made it across uncontested and have reached the FUP where they make contact with the enemy. The HQ section of the 8th Armored Brigade has reached their defend objective and have already entrenched.

D1 18:00: Nottingham Hampshire Yeomanry have reached and achieved the St. Anna objective, and are in the process of securing it. Their position to the NE of this objective was intentional so as to form a phalanx parallel to the rail lines and the most likely approach of the enemy.

D1 21:00: The Hussars are moving towards their assigned assault corridor whereas the Royal Dragoon Guards are lagging behind. This would be the beginning of a tortuous process for the force as they would encounter heavy resistance on the left flank for the remainder of the scenario. Later on at 22:00 I would lose B Company of the 12th KRRC (subordinate to the 13/18 Hussars).

D2 00:00: No rest for the weary: The Hussars are fully engaged in their press towards the objective while the Royal Dragoon Guards begin routing in the face of heavy Axis forces. Although there appear to be probes at St. Anna, the Nott’s are holding firm.

D2 06:00: The Royal Dragoon Guards appear to be reformed and proceeding with their attack but this will be short lived at best. The HQ section of the 8th is beginning to look bored so I ponder having them probe the Rail Bridge objective just to see what shakes out up there.

D2 12:00: With the Royal Dragoon Guards completely splintered and under a withering assault by the Axis armada that has formed outside of the Road Bridge objective, I proceed to task the HQ section of the 8th Armored Brigade to probe the Rail Bridge objective and possibly bring some relief to the fractured Guards force.

During this time frame I would take the remainder of my losses in terms of disbanded forces: B Squadron 4/7 RGD, A Company 12th KRRC and the Recce Troop as part of the RDG.

D2 18:00: As the Royal Dragoon Guards are essentially lost as a combat effective force, it is surprising to see the soft HQ section of the 8th having achieved the Rail Bridge objective. The 13/18 Hussars on the right flank of the Road Bridge objective are providing sufficient pressure on that objective to swing the Win-O-Meter totally into my favor.

After-action Report

Review Final Situation


  1. Hi Tim is this scenario available in httr? Looks about the perfect size

  2. Yes…If you bought the Command Ops: Highway to the Reich expansion pack it should allow you to download the original HTTR game from the Matrix Members Club area for free. There were several scenarios in that game which never made it into the expansion pack made for Command Ops, and I still play the original game from time to time.

  3. Oh that's awesome I will try that


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