Today my wife and I lost our beloved pet cat of 15 years who was named Midnight Mouse, or “Middie”.  He exhibited no signs of diminished activity and was actually quite playful this morning when we both left for work. When I came home this afternoon, he had already passed away. My wife and I are having him cremated and will keep his ashes.

This loss quite literally is devastating to me emotionally and while some may not understand the connection with a pet, many others do and understand what I am talking about. Over the last 15 years Middie was very interactive with my video gaming habit, often sitting on my desk while I was playing a game or trying to write a blog post.

Rest in peace little buddy.


  1. Oh Iam sorry. I also lost my cat this year. Also after 15 years. He was full of cancer and we had to make that fatefull decision to end his life to save him from terrible pain. We also keep his ashes. Sory m8 I know how you fell right now.

  2. Tim I am very sorry for your loss. The loss of a pet is very hard.


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