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I have been on Blogger since about 2007 and in that time this particular blog has come and gone several times, most recently having been resurrected on its longest stretch since inception. For a variety of reasons I would go through gaming phases, with some stretches where I have no interest in either playing a game or much less writing about it. Taken to its most self-destructive end, this manifested itself twice in the blog having been completely deleted.

Which I would later come to regret as a good amount of quality material was lost and not recovered from a previous hard drive. What is on this blog now are items that were able to be recovered from not only this blogs previous iterations, but also when I actually owned various domains such as Special Combat Operations and Allied War Machine. Over time the Blogger system improved and with the image integration of Picasa Web Albums became the logical choice.

The fact that it is completely free doesn’t hurt at all (and being on Google + the image storage space is increased).

Over the past few days I have been reconstituting a couple of things here and there, some pages and backend work to improve the blogs appearance among other things.

The header logo “RangerX3X” is a small logo flush to the left on a PC but just the right size to appear somewhat decently when viewing on a mobile phone:

The image at the bottom above the attribute area is a montage of various games that have been covered on this blog or played through the years. Longtime readers may remember that it actually was the header logo for quite some time. I use an old version of JASC Paint Shop Pro to do my image work, and although it has long been surpassed I see no reason to upgrade as it works fine for what I need.

One tip I have learned the hard way about Blogger is creating and deleting pages. It is best to never delete a page, but set it in draft mode if you don’t need it currently. This is because if the page is ever needed again, and has been deleted it is next to impossible to recover. Additional iterations carry an additional character after the name to compensate, and this can be annoying for someone who suffers from mild OCD:

Desired Page: Scenarios
1st Go Around:
2nd Go Around:

Personally I just think it looks shitty that way.

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