Highway to the Reich Nijmegen Historical Campaign

For anyone who owns Command Operations Battles from the Bulge and the expansion pack Highway to the Reich, Matrix games makes the original HTTR game available as a free download in the Members Club area under the COHTTR link. Given that Panther Games is officially leaving Matrix Games at the end of this month, anyone who has not taken advantage of this freebie should grab it now just it case in goes away (with Panther).

I have recently reinstalled the game and find it runs perfectly in Windows 7 without the need for any compatibility wizard tweaking. The screen resolution can be adjusted to full screen by changing the Quick Start icon properties target from "C:\Matrix Games\Highway to the Reich\HTTR.exe" to "C:\Matrix Games\Highway to the Reich\HTTR.exe" -resolution 1920x1080 (or wherever you installed it to and to what resolution you want). It looks great full screen at 1920X1080 without any aspect ratio issues.

I have been working the past few days on the Nijmegen Historical Campaign (which is one of the scenarios that did make it into the HTTR expansion pack for Command Operations) in preparation for a full blown after-action report. The interesting thing with the original HTTR scenario is that the Airborne Assault Engine at that time did not have Exit Objectives, so there is no requirement to move the British armor units off map – they can be used to clobber the Axis forces.

Here are some recent results on play testing done to iron out force disposition:

In the above image the Germans are pushing strong through to the Mook Rail Bridge Objective however this is somewhat misleading at the approach was guarded by just two units forward deployed B.80 (AT) and A Coy 505 who held out into day five before they were obliterated.

After they went away that left 1st Battalion 505th at the objective and they were easily routed, however the plan is considered a success in my book because they prevented the Axis from moving up the main highway south.

In the NE the 3/508 did a fantastic job holding off the Germans and pushing them further north into the polder.

Check back in the near future for the full AAR of the next effort.

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