Rainbow Six Lockdown Game Killing Bug

This evening while trying to complete mission number eight “Distillery”, I came across what for me is a game killing bug in that until I can resolve this issue I am unable to advance in the single player campaign. The problem I am having is that in a certain section of the map my screen repeatedly goes black (although I can still see the HUD, have sound and can move about and do things). The problem however is that the main screen is pitch black and I am basically useless.

I have tried disabling the AMD Gaming Evolved application as that does create issues for another Tom Clancy game “Ghost Recon”, albeit it has never created an issue for Lockdown until this mission in a very specific point. There is a YouTube video of someone who made it through this section without any issue (note the 14:25 mark) so I know that it can be done, however when preparing to write a post about it for the Steam forums I came across another post with someone having the exact issue I am.

This is my player controlled character climbing the ladder just before the issue occurs.

At the crest of the ledge the screen goes completely black, and if I continue pressing forward with the standard FPS WASD movement scheme the player dismounts the ladder at the top and the HUD comes back. From this point forward the entire screen is black except for the HUD, and the advanced vision devices such as NV and the Motion Sensor no longer function.

Hopefully there is a solution as I really wanted to complete the single player campaign for this game. Although I only spent $9.98 on it (actually less than that as that was the price point for a larger Rainbow Six Collection offering on Steam), I have advanced far enough to where I simply don’t want to give up on it at this point.

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