Windows 10 Indecisiveness

So I’ve had this task bar icon nagging me to install Windows 10 for a while now, telling me that my system passes inspection and that none of my installed applications are incompatible. Every now and again I look at it and wonder, and then I think about Vista, 8, and 8.1 and how each of those iterations of the OS ended up being widely ridiculed for one reason (sometimes many) or another. I can’t quite seem to pull the trigger on this yet and make the change.

My Windows 7 SP1 machine is my primary gaming rig. Due to some troubleshooting issues as well as older game compatibility, I also have another rig running Windows XP SP3. I literally have dozens of games purchased through Steam that are not installed on the 7 rig, and I might not get to them for quite some time. So for me game compatibility is a big concern. Anyone who has tried to run an older game using the Program Compatibility Wizard solution probably knows that the results can be hit of miss, and rarely ever the optimum solution.

A couple of months ago my wife’s PC finally died so I bought her a new one. While I have built my own computers in the past, I was lazy this time and just ordered one through Newegg off of the shelf. And you know what? The OS offered on that machine was Windows 7, not Windows 10. Seeing that the new OS has only captured approximately 9% of the market as of November 2015 is somewhat surprising to me. I understand that it has been generally available for only a quarter at this point, however I would have expected it to have surged on release given the hatred shined down on Windows 8 (Windows Hate).

What are your thoughts? Are gamers looking at the free upgrade and thinking about pulling the trigger? Has anyone out there actually upgraded successfully only to find out some favorite go to game no longer functions acceptably?


  1. I like windows 10, all my games like Command Modern Air/Naval operation, Flashpoint Campaigns (which by the way I bought because your greats AAR), and Tiller's games work perfectly, although the scaling Command Ops problem that you shared before is on win10 too. Cheers.

  2. Thank you for that input, and I am glad that you enjoy the AAR’s. I was able to resolve the scaling issue with Command Operations by installing the Microsoft Sans Serif font which disappeared from my computer for some reason.

  3. I pulled the plug and did the upgrade, but I am experiencing some freezing when the machine either enters sleep mode or is left unattended for some time, which requires a hard restart.


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