Tonight (or should I say this morning) I finally made it to level 78 which spawns a Legendary Dragon, and in turn killed the first one I encountered at Arcwind Point. Using the Dragonrend shout I was able to pin the beast on the ground below the summit I stood atop and while it was distracted by various Draugr about, I pummeled it with Daedric Arrows and Fire magic until it succumbed to the accumulative damage. This was the last Steam Achievement that I needed to score a Perfect Game rating, the only other one that I have is for Tropico 4.

At this point I am setting the game aside for the following two reasons: 1) I am starting to get into The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, and 2) The enhanced version of Skyrim is due for release at the end of October (which I will be receiving a free copy of for owning the original and all expansion packs – thanks Bethesda). Even with these two RPG entities out there, I am starting to cycle back to some previous games that I have played in the past for some balance.

Skyrim snuck up on me and bit me harder than any game has in a number of years. All told I spent over 600 hours in the game, and probably another 10 just attempting to troubleshoot all the issues that arose with installing and uninstalling mods. In the end I was able to maintain the integrity of the save file for my main character and complete all of the main and secondary quests, as well as the achievements.

Looking back at those 600 hours, this is easily the best game that I have ever played.

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