This is just a quick post to let everyone who visits this blog know that I am alive and well. I have been playing a lot of Skyrim SE and have 74 out of the 75 achievements on Steam. The last one will take quite a bit of grinding since on this build I am not making any of the skills legendary, so I sit at level 71 with 7 levels to go to spawn the necessary dragon to kill for the final achievement at level 78. Once all that is said and done with I plan on setting Skyrim aside and focusing on other games.

Recently I made my first ever pre-purchase of a game, that being Rising Storm 2: Vietnam by Antimatter Games. I really like the Vietnam era of video gaming, although sadly there are not very many titles that take advantage of this transitional phase of combat operations. I was a huge fan of Battlefield Vietnam and was somewhat disappointed to see that game fade over time. There was an adequate adaptation for Battlefield Bad Company 2 which scratched the itch, but somehow fell flat as a true replacement.

The closed beta 7 wave for RS2V just wrapped up and I would have to say that I am quite impressed with the MP only game. It is highly playable but only features infantry and helicopters (attack and transport). There are no drivable vehicles in the game or jets that can be used by players. I like how the developer seems to be going for a more serious game in that there are limitations on who can fly choppers and the available slots are quite limited.

While I grind away at Skyrim SE, I also plan on filling out my gaming time with some wargames as well as other titles that have taken a backburner as of late.

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