Civilization VI Quick and Dirty Review (Updated)

I got this game as part of a recent Humble Bundle and have toyed around with it a bit. This morning I tried my first earnest game and immediately ran into a well-known yet still unresolved bug, where unit combat sounds stop working. Well, they will work for one engagement, and then not work for the next two, then work for the next, then not for the next, etc. Basically, it is a dice roll whether or not the combat sounds will work for any encounter.

A quick Google search reveals this problem has been around since launch and has yet to be satisfactorily addressed by the developer of the game, Firaxis (a developer I admire for their excellent XCOM reboot). About the only consistent recommendation for a “solution” is to start a new game, and not move any unit to the edge of the map. For a game that is all about exploration and expansion, this is just too much to take.

I have yet to find any official information on this bug from the developer. I submitted a ticket at 2K Support and will refrain from knocking the game with a bad Steam review (for the moment), but this is shoddy work for a franchise that I had thought was AAA-level gaming. I am beginning to see why it has such poor reviews.

This is a game that I am hoping to livestream at some point, however I don’t care to invest time and energy into something that is unfinished or outright abandoned.

Update 17:25: As mentioned above, I submitted a ticket this morning to 2K and they responded that there is a fix in the works for the intermittent combat sounds that will be part of the next patch, however there is currently no ETA for the release date.

I am quite impressed with a same day response that is 1) on a Sunday, and 2) not a copy and pasted boilerplate rebuttal of my issue.

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