Norisring Racing Series, Event Six

Nuremberg, Germany: This event started with my having a 176lb weight penalty to contend with and a 17 point lead in the Championship. With a strong finish in the first race and surprising win in the second, I would extend my lead over second place by 21 points.

Qualifying was another washout with a time of 0:48.579, 00:01.139 off of the pole sitter Jean De Pourtales. Although these times were an improvement of some half second or more over the previous week albeit I was carrying 35lbs more penalty ballast, it was still disappointing.

Race one finished with my coming in at fifth place with 4 Championship Points, 0:09.693 off the race winner Jean De Pourtales who posted a race time of 0:15.06.111. I pitted early on lap nine as I had a couple of poor corners on that lap and had been falling back towards the car immediately behind me. Instead of losing another position on the track racing, I entered the pits one lap early for fresh slicks.

Race two finished with my taking the checkered flag for the win. I started in third position and immediately fell back to fifth on the start, but managed to snag second place in the Grundig Kehre (turn two). Although I could not press the leader, I patiently made laps until I pitted on lap ten. With four laps to go, the top three led by Jean De Pourtales pitted, which handed the lead to me.

I posted a race time of 0:15:09.348 for 10 Championship Points, 0:00.529 ahead of Massimo Torre who was gaining in the final four laps and probably could have taken the lead had there been one or two laps additional to run. The win in the second race gave me my first ever second place finish in an event, and furthered my points lead in the Championship.

Other thoughts: My weight penalty for the next event remains at 176lbs. There were two DNF's in the first race and three in the second race, along with one vehicle not finishing due to fuel. There were no Blue Flag warnings and the weather was once again picture perfect.

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