Norisring Racing Series, Event Seven

Nuremberg, Germany: This event started with my having a 176lb weight penalty and a 21 point lead in the Championship. With an unlikely win in the first race after starting last and a podium finish of third place in the second, I secured the Championship with an insurmountable lead of 30 points with only one event remaining.

Qualifying was another abysmal failure with a time of 0:49.103, 00:01.689 off of the pole sitter Tor Graves (and one of my worst qualifying attempts of the series). Yet again the qualifying session turned out to be nothing more than a brisk warm up for the first race of the event.

Albeit I started race one in last place, I charged the racing line at the Grundig Kehre (turn two) and managed to slip into 6th place by lap two. By the fifth lap I was in true racing form taking over fifth place and then moving into the top spot on lap eight. I would hold the lead for two more laps then pit on lap ten, falling back to eighth place. After the pit cycle was complete I again was in first place by lap fifteen.

Race two started with my sitting in eighth place on the grid of sixteen vehicles. Although I would never get close enough to challenge for the lead, I did finish the race in third place with a time of 00:15:07.297, 0:00.456 off race winner Gianni Giudici. The podium finish in the second race and the win in the first provided me with 16 Championship Points.

Other thoughts: With a 30 point lead in the series with one event to go of two races that could provide only a maximum of 20 points, I have effectively won the Championship as I could technically not even race in the final event and still win it all even if the driver in second place won both races.

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