Modification Cancellation and Future Projects

In order to avoid possible licensing issues, copyright infringement accusations and the like, I have made the decision to abandon the modification started earlier this week. I would like to thanks Chris from The Sharp End Gaming for his play testing efforts as well as zwobot for his quick and quality efforts on the map files provided. This decision does come rather lightly in the fact that quite frankly I would much rather avoid potential conflicts with game publishers and developers.

Command Operations: Battles from the Bulge shipped with map, scenario and establishment editing tools with the explicit intention of the community at large utilizing these applications to generate additional content for the game. I will be making full use of these tools in the coming weeks to develop a modification for the game based on areas of combat that interest me and publish files as they become available.


  1. Sorry to read this Tim! It was/is a great idea but I can appreciate the licensing issues surrounding it all.

    1. Given that I am back into the estab editor, my intentions are to revive the Marine Corps modification I started two years ago. Back then there were no intellectual property issues to be had: I simply did not pace myself and burned out on it. Now I think I can take my time and put out a quality product that others can collaborate on.


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