Sahrani Alpha Build

The following scenario is a small two day parachute operation on an airfield in North Sahrani called the Pita Airstrip. This airfield is guarded by Axis force 2 Bn HQ 469 Inf Regt of the Democratic Republic of Sahrani. The battalion is spread out into three locations with a company guarding key points (intel reveals forces at Masbete, Pita Airstrip as well as a barracks to the south).

The Allies paratroop force 1 Para Bn HQ of the Kingdom of South Sahrani will drop in a clearing approximately five km from Masbete and are tasked to simply secure the airfield and hold it until the end of the scenario. Victory Points accumulate for occupation as well as completion, so it is critical for the Allies to reach the objective and remove the Axis forces located there.

This is an alpha build test scenario and as such there is no briefing or outline as of yet. The estab files should be placed in C:\Matrix Games\Battles from the Bulge\Estabs, the scenario file should be placed in C:\Matrix Games\Battles from the Bulge\Scenarios\My Scenarios, the map files should be placed in C:\Matrix Games\Battles from the Bulge\Maps and the force lists should be placed in C:\Matrix Games\Battles from the Bulge\Force Lists.

All credit for the map creation goes to zwobot: without his work this project would not be at the point it is at the moment.


Here are some screenshots from a test of the attached alpha scenario:

I will have to change the default after-action report that pops up on the completion of the scenario such as I did for the Marine Corps mod I did some time ago.


  1. I just downloaded! Will post AAR today.

    1. Thanks Chris. I look forward to your input.

  2. I really like this map (and maps with water obstacles in general) as it creates a tactical consideration for the human player. In this instance, a full frontal attack against Pita Airstrip may pin the enemy forces against the waterline, and if that happens they literally have their backs up against a wall and have to fight it out.

    This forces the human player to consider force leverage: in this specific instance, moving the battalion to the waterline above and to the left of the airstrip, then attacking straight down or slightly to the southeast will knock the AI units out of the objective area and to the south, thus giving the human player a chance to achieve and hold the objective.

  3. I discovered an error this evening when reviewing the estab file. The airborne battalion that was added to the Kingdom of South Sahrani is using estab components from the British Airborne estab which is on the Allies side, whereas all other units for KSS are based on the Axis side. Therefore while ground units are equipped with 7.92 mm Kar 98’s and whatnot, the airborne component is carrying Lee Enfield’s, etc. I will need to delete the current airborne configuration and rework it to have all forces on the same side with consistent weapons, ammo, etc.


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