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With the resurrection of the Marine Corps modification to its current build 2.0, naturally further development would tend to lend itself to a following of history. In order to immediately use the Marines in the Airborne Assault game engine as presently represented by Command Operations:Battles from the Bulge, an alternative history backstory was developed that consisted of the fall of Japan and the Soviet Union.

Work is presently underway to bring the Marines to the Pacific and those efforts center on the creation of maps, establishments and force lists. Once those core components are complete, then the painstaking task of developing accurate battle scenarios will take place.

It is believed that some of the additional functionality being brought to the game engine with the work on the Eastern Front update will directly benefit the user community and their efforts with creating alternative content.

What I am presently working on are a set of Japanese forces that will reflect within the confines of the current game engine and patch build, the force that faced the Marines on the island of Saipan during the battle that occurred there during World War II from June 15-July 9, 1944 (what would be a 25-day grand campaign scenario in the editor).

What cannot be modeled in the game is the horrific number of civilian deaths that was the result of various factors during the engagement.

Please note the following: this is a community led effort and is not endorsed by Matrix Games, Panther Games or Slitherine Games.

Essential Reading

Battle of Saipan

This is a standard Wikipedia article relating to the battle.

Battle of Saipan OOB

While this data effectively sidelines the 3rd Marine Division and the 37th Infantry Division (the primary force lists involved in the Marine Corps 2.0 mod), the core estab files have already been created and modeling the Americans can be done through force lists within the Scenario Editor itself.

Arisaka Service Rifles

Type 38 Rifle

Type 99 Rifle

Arisaka Type 38 and Type 99 Rifle Comparison

IJA Army Ranks

Handbook of Japanese Military Forces

More to come...

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  1. Tim I am really excited about this for you. Congrats! From what I can tell creating an estab takes a long time. Your Marines estab is well done and I am glad the community is joining you in this.



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