Trial by Fire

The 21st Marine Infantry Regiment is making an amphibious assault across the Lower Rhine in an attempt to secure three key highway objectives. They land on the north bank of the “Island” approximately 1 km from their first objective and are screened on the south bank by the 1st Battalion 9th Marine Infantry Regiment (supporting 3rd Division HQ elements).

The three landing battalions arrive a day ahead of their regimental HQ and support units which must come from far west of the area of operations due to their heavy supply trucks and other vehicles requiring roadways. Ammunition can become scarce during this time so it is important to utilize the landing force quickly and decisively to avoid being pinned down on the “beach”.

However it can also take some time for supplies to begin flowing to the battalions once the regimental HQ and base arrive on the north bank of the river: during this time it is imperative to keep an eye on attacking companies to make sure that they are sufficiently stocked to press an assault. If a Coy runs out of .30 caliber ammunition it is somewhat pointless to keep pushing.


Patch 4.5.264 (or higher)
Marine Corps Mod 2.0


Trial by Fire

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