Unity of Command Black Turn Kiev Encirclement

Black Turn was released yesterday and the expansion pack is a prequel to the events that unfold in the Stalingrad Campaign DLC. This iteration covers the 1941 German invasion of the Soviet Union and consists of 13 scenarios covering Operation Barbarossa. The scenario that I am playing today is called “Kiev Encirclement” which consists of 10 turns to achieve two objectives.

This will be a hyper-condensed after-action report as my wife wants to eat dinner and then watch Netflix (go real life!) The scenario starts on September 1, 1941 with the German forces arrayed around Kiev (which has to be secured by turn seven or you start to bleed prestige), and far away from the link-up location approximately half the distance between Kiev and Kharkov.

The three primary units guarding Kiev were the 28, 75 and 208RD infantry divisions. Although they only had a standard experience rating, they were dug in and I lost several units against the well-entrenched enemy force situated there.

After-action Report

Review Final Situation

The above screen shots would look a lot better if the game supported the Steam Overlay.

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  1. Nice! I'm just getting ready to fire this up myself tonight. Very glad they decided to tackle Barbarossa.


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