AsSense Account Disapproved

Well this morning I logged into Blogger to discover that my application for including AdSense advertising on my blog was disapproved. I received no email notification of this, and following the links provided only takes me to generic pages with a host of potential reasons. I am unable to determine the specific reason my blog was denied.

There is nothing pornographic about this blog, and regarding the games I post about I have seen several other currently active blogs do the same thing and they are running AdSense advertising. I can resubmit my application, but only after correcting the violations which the process does absolutely nothing to detail to me so that I may correct them.

I have used Blogger since 2007 and have several blogs, personal and gaming. Never once did I receive any notification of being in violation of anything regarding Blogger rules and regulations. When I say never, I literally mean never: I stopped running my own custom domain to come to Blogger and if there was an issue reported to me I would have jumped right on it.

As it stands now, I have no idea why the application was disapproved, no easy way of learning why and the only recourse presented to me is to reapply (after correcting the issues that have not been identified and are virtually impossible to discern).

Unfortunately in my experience using Blogger, this is pretty much standard operating procedure for a portal whose help documentation appears to be at least a decade out of date on most topics.

To be honest I am completely disgusted with Blogger and may be ending my use of their free service.


  1. Happened to me as well a few months back. Same deal. I don't know why and I eventually gave up trying to find out.

  2. I have spent almost an hour wading through various pieces of information and have found nothing that can point out to me what was wrong so that it can be corrected. For the disapproval to not clearly state the reason(s) but just link to a catch-all page is disingenuous at best. It is tragically funny that the closest reason I even begin to match is using Blogger in the first place and not purchasing a custom domain name.

  3. They completely blacklisted me from Google as a spammer. My blog was marked as using "egregious spam tactics." Nothing was specifically pointed out. My blog was blacklisted from all Google search results and any post I made to Google+ from Blogger resulted in a warning message that I was spamming Google+, if I continued to do so I'd be banned, and none pf my posts we allowed to go through. I petitioned for a review and several weeks later I was suddenly no longer listed as a spammer.

    Frankly, I don't think they're using any humans in these review processes. I think Google has come up with some algorithms and is letting machines make the call. So many people want to use their services that the just don't care is a certain small percentage gets miscatorgized. I'm sure there attitude is "where you going to go, Bing?"

  4. That sucks Doug and must have been a royal pain in the ass to correct. I agree with you in thinking there are no humans behind this decision, but rather defined protocols. It is kind of like SkyNet in the Terminator series…

  5. I'm not really all that interested in serving ads on my blog but I signed up for adsense yesterday to see if I get any different results. I'll keep you guys posted. Until then, on to Rome!

  6. I was not either (I appreciate Blogger being ad free unlike WordPress); however my intent was to include advertising in order to drum up some cash from the blog.

  7. You guys are not going to believe this. I was approved and now have ads showing.


  8. Did you do anything different with your blog, or just reapplied?


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