PACOPS Type 94 37mm Anti-Tank Gun

This weapon was developed based on the design of the German 3.7cm Pak 36 anti-tank gun to improve upon and replace the Type 11 37mm Infantry Gun that had been in service since 1922. That weapon was considered an inferior substitute for an AT capability due to its low muzzle velocity, poor range and slow reloading time.

The Type 94 began production in 1936 with approximately 3,400 units produced. It could fire both HE and AP rounds and was usually assigned in groups of four to combat infantry regiments. Although the weapon had performed well against Soviet light armor, it was obsolete when facing Allied armor such as the Sherman tank.

The weapon fired a 37X165mm shell and could attain a rate of fire of 30 rounds per minute with a well-trained crew (usually 11 personnel). It had a muzzle velocity of 700 meters per second and the Imperial Japanese Army claimed a penetration capability of 20mm at a distance of 1,000 and substantially higher penetration at shorter distances.

This is the first weapon to incorporate a custom bitmap image in the estab file (credit HyperWar).

The intention is to include this weapon in groups of four (with 11 personnel each) in the regimental level estab unit once that is configured.

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