I have not posted anything in over a month on either of my primary blogs. I picked up a game on a Steam sale several weeks ago called Tropico 4. A good friend of mine had me try out the demo over a year ago and I was unimpressed, quickly uninstalling it and forgetting about it. Then the developer launched Tropico 5 on Steam in May, and they put the entire T4 game and all DLC (a boat load) on sale for $10.00 (I couldn’t pass up all of that content).

It turns out that the game has completely hooked me in the time since purchase. I have completed the main campaign and have logged over 200 hours of game time on Steam, more than any other game I have owned on that platform – in almost ten years. The closest other game was X-COM: Enemy Unknown (a freaking great game in its own right). There is just something about T4 that hit me at the right time and was just the right amount of different to capture my interest.

When you log that amount of time in any game (or anything really) you are bound to notice issues, and the game certainly has its share. However by and large it is one of the most polished games out there and I have yet to encounter what I would consider a game-killing bug. Depending on your taste, you can be as benign or malicious a ruler as you want to be, and there are predictable consequences.

Once you have a baseline build order down and get comfortable with juggling the economy and all of the factions, you are pretty much good to go in any setting or scenario.

I am looking to develop a blog post covering a 50-year rule and hopefully will have some enjoyable content to post at some point.

I have not given up on my other gaming interests, but have taken a well-deserved siesta.

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  1. Pretty cool Tim. Looking forward to blogs about the game.


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