For Honor Review

After much consternation and miscommunication, I finally received my activation code for the game. While I would have preferred this run through Steam, I had to install Uplay to download it and play from that service (so I have no screen shots at the moment). This short review is not a commentary on the Uplay service as it seems to be love or hate in the gaming community, however I will say that I did not encounter a single issue with the service during my hour in that game.

For Honor is quite a stunning game on a computer that can handle the graphics (again sorry for no images at this time). There are three general roles to be had, Knight, Viking, or Samurai. The game feels closer to The Elder Scrolls Online then it does to Skyrim in the sense that it is more of a hack and slash fighting game than it is anything else given my short time with it. I played the first scenario as a Knight on easy just to get a feel for the flow of the game, and must say this title looks top notch.

Credit Steam/Ubisoft Montreal

Ubisoft and Uplay have had a poor reputation in the last decade with repetitive DRM debacles (Silent Hunter 5 anyone?) So, it is nice to see them put together something that (for the moment) works out of the virtual box, looks beautiful and features what I feel to be intuitive sword play incorporating a variety of blocking, dodging, and attack modes.

I have not ventured into multiplayer yet so I do not know how that will play out, however the single player campaign seems quite polished and this tile just may be worth the full asking price these days.

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